Who we are

The SIG 3D is a national and international independent working group that deals with questions concerning modelling, storage, generation, use, visualisation and marketing of 3D city and landscape models. The SIG 3D is open for all interested people.

In particular the SIG 3D encourages the set-up of 3D Spatial Data Infrastructures with the aim of an improved availability and use of 3D geoinformation in all possible application areas.

Founded in 2002, 60 partners of national and international economics, science and administration bodies have worked together. The SIG 3D is an open working group, so that all interested people can participate. The members of SIG 3D come from all over Germany and other European countries.

The work of the SIG 3D is based on international standards with the aim of creating an open and interoperable 3D spatial data infrastructure.